Psychology and Neuroscience Graduation, May 2011

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Mandatory Varsity Pond photograph A photo op before the ceremony The waiting is the hardest part Psychology and Neuroscience staff member Marissa Meyer helps get the students lined up
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Students are beginning to assemble for the processional Staff member Shelley Gomez also helps get things under control Macky is one of the nicest buildings on campus Click, click, click!
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Faculty share a light moment before the ceremony The first class graduating with degrees in neuroscience Go south, young man! Just one more outside photo op
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Line 'em up! The crabapple was near perfection The crowd is giddy with anticipation Musical accompaniment provided by Jude deLaubenfels while emcee Prof. Gary McClelland goes over his notes
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A man alone with his thoughts. And his notes. And 1500 people in the audience. The faculty process The balcony is full too Prof. Jerry Rudy begs to have his picture taken
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The students process ditto Indoor photo ops ditto
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ditto ditto Welcome to graduation spring 2011! The parents of the graduates stand up and are acknowledged and thanked The graduates are acknowledged
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Chair of the dept. Lewis O. Harvey, Jr., disusses what we do The faculty concur It's not just a pretty pattern (you had to be there) The undergraduate chosen to address her class, Karina Edmondson
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Those graduating with honors are acknowledged onstage Various undergraduate awards are given out Master's and PhD students are brought onstage PhD candidate Laramie Duncan is hooded by her mentor, Prof. Matt Keller (those are his hands)
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PhD candidate Melissa Munn-Chernoff about to be hooded by her advisor Prof. Mike Stallings PhD candidate Ana Nunes getting hooded by her advisor Prof. Charles Judd PhD candidate Rob Rozeske preparing to be hooded by his mentor Steven Maier (out of sight) The faculty awards are given out
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Undergraduate advisor Dan Robinson receives the staff service award Now for the main attraction: the undergraduates walk across the stage and are acknowledged individually A happy graduate is congratulated by Prof. Harvey photos ops galore
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Another beaming undergraduate The picture-taking area gets pretty crowded Move 'em through promptly It's a big production
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The flipping of the tassels to signify graduating Good night and good luck