Healy/Bourne Lab Meetings

Fall 2006


Talk Schedule

September 11: Alice Healy and Lyle Bourne, "MURI: Training Knowledge and Skills for the Networked Battlefield"

September 18: Deanna Fierman, "Interference and Semantic Processing in the Sentence Stroop Task"

September 25: Chandra Brojde, "The Development of Mutual Exclusivity for Novel Labels and Objects"

October 2: Paul Thibodeau, "Conventional metaphors: Not dead yet"

October 9: Vicki Schneider, "Feedback Effects on Following Navigation Instructions"

October 16: Brad Best, "At the Intersection of Cognition and Perception in Problem Solving: The Case of the Traveling Salesperson Problem"

October 23: Carolyn Buck-Gengler, "An Examination of the Memory Constriction Hypothesis using a Fact Retrieval Task"

October 30: Erica Wohldmann, "Mental Practice Yields Less Forgetting and Interference than Physical Practice"

November 6: Bill Raymond, "Top-Down and Bottom-Up Influences on Strategy Choice: A Discussion"

November 13: Shaw Ketels, "Category Sequence Learning"

November 20: No Meeting, FALL BREAK

November 27: Bill Bonk, "Serial Memory and Learning for Words and Pictures in the OPSL Task"

December 4: Dusty Young, "The Science of Learning and the Learning of Science: Introducing Desirable Difficulties"

December 11: James Kole, "Task Difficulty Moderates The Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff in Data Entry"

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