The Healy/Bourne Lab

Meetings during Fall 2007 will be held Thursdays from 12:00 - 1:00 in Muenzinger D428 (the ICS conference room)


Talk Schedule


August 30 : Bill Raymond, Practice for MURI Annual Meeting

September 6 : No Meeting; MURI Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh

September 13 : Chris Wickens, "Modeling Visual Attention in Real World Environments"

September 20 : Shaw Kettels, "FUSION (Information integration)"

September 27 : Keith Lohse, "Performatory knowledge: Exploring contributions of procedural and declarative training to performance"

October 4 : Lyle Bourne, "Automaticity: Special Mental State or Asymptotic Skill?"

October 11 : Mike Mozer, "Experience Guided Search: A rational theory of attentional control"

October 18 : Eliana Colunga (Note: 12:15 pm starting time), "Connectionist modeling of word learning"

October 25 : Lyle Bourne and Bill Raymond, "Automaticity: Part II"

November 1 : Vicki Schneider, "Global and local priming effects on letter detection"

November 8 : Bill Bonk, "Retrospective and Prospective short- and long-term memory under time pressure"

November 15 : No meeting, Psychonomic Society Meeting in Long Beach

November 22 : No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday

November 29 : Michelle Wilson, (Note: 12:15 pm starting time) "Stress, Mood, and Cognition"

December 6 : Informal Discussion about new ideas and plans for the MURI grant

December 13 : James Kole, "Using contextual interference to learn and retain multiple skills"

December 20: Dusty Young, "RADAR Experiment 3"



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