The Healy/Bourne Lab

Meetings during Spring 2007 will be held from 10:50 - 11:50 Mondays in Muenzinger E214


Talk Schedule

January 8: Organizational meeting for the semester.

January 15: No meeting Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

January 22: Discussion of plans for fusion research

January 29: Peter Foltz, "Automated modeling of team performance through communication analysis"

February 5: Dave Sherwood, "Making movements different: Sources of interference in rapid aiming movements"

February 12: Shaw Ketels, "Category sequence learning"

February 19: Erica Wohldmann, "Specifying transfer in digit data entry: When and why?"

February 26: Deanna Fierman, "Information retrieval from externl sources"

March 5: James Kole, "The Effect of Verbal Mediators on Motoric Tasks"

March 12: Michael Fleetwood, "An ACT-R Model of Airplane Pilot Performance: The Influence of Synthetic Vision Systems Technology on the Allocation of Visual Attention"

March 19: Carolyn Buck-Gengler, "The memory constriction hypothesis: Retrospective and prospective memory under time pressure"

March 26: No Meeting; Spring Break

April 2: Eliana Colunga, "Sentence Interference in a Hebrew-English Bilingual Stroop Task"

April 9 : Dusty Young, "Using SoundSpel to Improve ESL Reading"

April 16: Vicki Schneider, "Effects of Difficulty, Specificity, and Variability on Training to Follow Navigation Instructions"

April 23: Alice Healy, "Training, Retention, and Transfer of Knowledge and Skills"

April 30: No Meeting; Ekstrand Memorial Mini Convention

May 7: Bill Bonk, "Serial position effects in multitrial learning of sequences"


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