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by Gary H. McClelland

Probabilities for the Normal Distribution

This applet may be used to find approximate probabilities from the normal distribution.
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Drag or click (the closest edge will jump to the click location) on the graph to change the starting and ending values for the shaded area.

Change the Mean and StDev values as appropriate for your particular problem. You must hit the Return key in the last box you enter to start the calculations and redrawing.

The accuracy is limited by the pixel resolution of the applet so these values are much less precise than those available with the more accurate normal probabilities applet.

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WARNING: The accuracy of this graph is severely limited by the resolution of the display. This graph should only be used for finding approximate normal probabilities suitable for educational purposes such as homework problems. It is not intended for and should not be used for any calculations which have any major consquences for health, safety, financial matters, etc.

The above applet is from the section "Working with the Normal Distribution" in Seeing Statistics by Gary McClelland. For more information, visit Seeing Statistics

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