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Language Proseminar (Psych 5815, Section 001)
Tu/Th 2:00 - 3:40, Fall 2003
Room E411B
Department of Psychology, Muenzinger
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Last Updated: August 28, 2003


Goals: The objective of this section of the core course is to introduce fundamental issues in cognitive psychology regarding language. We will read and discuss papers that address critical issues on these topics. Students will be expected to email at least 3 questions or topics of discussion to the class email list prior to each class, and one person will be selected in advance to present the paper and distill the basic ideas for the class. This individual will also provide 2-3 lead-off questions for the whole class to discuss. Presentations and class participation will count for 70% of the grade while a take-home essay exam will count for the remaining 30%.

Readings: Most readings are available electronically from a link on the class website. Those readings with PAPER after them are only available on paper, and are available for photocopying in the Cognitive Program Administrator's office (Sean McNair, D251). You may take one copy for up to 20 minutes for photocopying purposes only.

Randall C. O'Reilly
Thu Aug 28 12:11:45 MDT 2003