Randall C. O'Reilly's Personal Stuff

Last updated: 10/4/13

The adventures of my son, Maxwell Charles Munakata -- a blog and photos, now including Kai Kamori O'Reilly, born 9/11/08!

Here's a special video made by Wade Hiner at Coram about Max:

My personal philosophy wiki, which is an attempt to develop a self-consistent belief system about life, the brain, the universe, and everything!

House Renovations: House Pics

From our travels: Photo Albums

I like to snowboard, skateboard, and, not so frequently anymore, hack.

I live with my partner Yuko, and we have 2 cats (Fuzzy and Neko).

Here are some interesting images of me rendered by my brother-in-law (from another planet) Dave Receeding hair and gotee, Afro and gotee.

I like to paint (here are some paintings I did on my Amiga: The Answer (66K) Death Straps (85K) Trippy Eye (96K)), and take photographs, including underwater stuff (not scanned yet..), and write poetry (not bold enough to put it on-line..).

My sister Katie is a professor in the Biology Department at the University of Portland. My dad Richard and his wife Julia Franco live in Van Nuys, CA. Dad is writing a fascinating Blog about his adventures restoring an old Ericson 30 sailboat (and various other things along the way). My mom Anna lives in Pagosa Springs, CO. Yuko's sister Junko and her husband Dave live nearby in Golden, CO! Her other sister Naoko lives in LA. Yuko's father Toshinori and mother Mutsuko live in Brecksville, OH (near Cleveland).